Meet The Team

Board Members

Marie Marsden


The Chairperson of Rosewell Development Trust is a local resident, Senior Social Care Worker and budding singer with The Edinburgh Kevock Choir. Marie has lots of skills and experiences which are being used to enhance and enable RDT to achieve it’s aim of building the Community Hub.

Duncan Littlefair


The Treasurer, Duncan has been a great asset to maintaining the accounts of the Trust as well as supporting the general running of a growing charity like RDT!  His Financial and HR experience is a key factor to the success of RDT so far.

Dave Mackay


After serving as Chair of the Rosewell and District Council for many years, Dave set up Rosewell Development Trust with other local residents. Dave previously owned a successful Advertising and Design Company and the skills he acquired here are being put to good use within the Rosewell community.

Susan Young


Susan is a local resident and Volunteer. Susan first got involved with RDT as a Lunch Club Volunteer before being co-opted onto the RDT Board. Susan supports the Board with fundraisers, community events and our annual Volunteer celebration events.

Asif Imitaz


One of our local Shop Owner’s. It’s great to have the direct support of a local business and Asif and his team support all our community events and fundraisers throughout the year as well as provide window space to allow us to advertise to the community and display our History Group project work.

Helen Blackburn


Helen is a local resident and Rosewell and District Community Councillor. Helen is extremely well-read on dementia awareness and dementia-friendly communities through her role as a Senior Social Care Worker. Helen supports the development of our outdoor and woodland projects and is looking forward to contributing to the Hub’s ‘Sensory Room’.

Lorna Souter


Lorna is one of our newest Board Members is also the local Minister for the Rosewell Parish Church. Lorna has supported RDT at their recent ‘Tea in the Park’/’Big Lunch’ events and promotes our work throughout the parishes she works in.

Owen Thompson


Owen continually supports RDT through his links with Midlothian Council, the Scottish Government and the UK Government. Owen regularly attends our community engagement events and volunteer celebrations that we deliver on an annual basis.


Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. We support volunteers through their roles with free training courses, 1-1 support sessions, development opportunities and celebrations throughout the year. We have a range of people supporting our projects with a view to either gain skills, develop or give back to the community. If you are interested in volunteering, click below to find out what opportunities we could offer you! ‘Those who can, do. Those who can do more, VOLUNTEER!’

Who works with us?


Robert is our Manager at the Trust and leads the staff team, coordinates all our fantastic volunteers and developes our community engagment projects.  Robert works with, the local community, organisations, schools and businesses to develop and deliver much needed, groups, projects, volunteer opportunities and career support and advice (often resulting in further education, employment or apprentices). Community events and fundraisers are also part of his remit which he finds enjoyable as long as the weather is on his side!


As one of our sessional Community Engagement Coordinators Jess is responsible for the delivery of our ‘Rosewell Grows’ and ‘Wonders of our Woodland’ projects. Jess has worked hard to involve and engage members of the community with the outdoors and the ‘Rosewell Grows’ group have recently entered a National Gardening competition, planted lots of wildflowers and built some great raised beds outside the Resource Centre.


Our second sessional Community Engagement Coordinator can often be found covered in paint, glue and ribbon (but definitely not glitter!) Sarah supports our Volunteers and the delivery of our RASCALs Arts and Craft Club, Chatter and Clatter, Kid World Citizen Group and the Friday afternoon group as well as leading the Rosewell Rainbows and Brownies unit!


Michelle works with us one afternoon a week to deliver our Click and Connect computer club. Her knowledge of all things I.T is greatly valued by the club Mmembers as well as all at RDT!


Do you want to work with Rosewell Development Trust, or do you have an interest in volunteering for us?